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by SF

Film: Hiroshima Mon Amour – 1959
Director: Alain Resnais
Scenario and Dialogue : Margurite Duras
Music : Georges Delerue, Giovanni Fusco
Cast : Emmanuelle Riva——She
: Eiji Okada———— He

( and these are Dura’s words, softly, light background music..)

“They are standing in the room, facing each other, their arms at their sides, their bodies not touching…It is now full daylight…They say nothing. They look at each other…In the distance, Hiroshima is still sleeping…All of a sudden, she sits down. She buries her head in her hands, clenches her fist, closes her eyes and moans. A moan of utter sadness. The light of the city in her eyes…He looks at her, she at him, as she would look at the city, and suddenly, very softly, she calls him. She calls him from afar, lost in wonder. She has succeeded in drowning him in universal oblivion. And it is a source of amazement to her…”

From : University of Bergen, Norway August 2000
Section IV
Workshop : The Future of Beauty in Art and Literature
Translation from the French : Jennifer WaldenÂ