Volo non valeo

by SF

25thJanuary: Paper, pens, pencils, a virgin canvas, a box of dreams, a paper pad.

26thJanuary: Thinking my place of birth, the studio I worked before, inhaling the acrylic. The phone’s ringing. Have to wake the kids, can’t answer right now, first the… another e-mail? The paint is running dry, oh hell.

27thJanuary: Go back to the place of birth, names of locations enter my mind, those crushing waves at Port Elisabeth…This piece needs a little ochre + black, and oh a tiny bit of white…The phone again, it’s Annemie from the Gallery, not my big pieces. Not now. Have to notify the exterior lift for Paris tomorrow. No, not now, yes…yes…. I know ah…end of this year 2 exhibits? A la Recherche du Temps Perdu, alors?

29thJanuary: Is this mature work ?