volo non valeo (suite)

by SF

52ndJanuary: Now that i thought myself in stagnant waters, it is now that this important Date in November came – and spring is feeding my energy, though May is always exhausting – have to leave these envelopes today – am i obliged to launch myself or being launched, is there a choice? i prefer getting focused.

57thJanuary: when mind thinks about Theatre, the Act, the Plot and the Murder in interwoven well balanced words, meanings…every word gains in the play, chosen after long thoughts through lonely nights…how can you not shy away when Words and Meanings are used in a casual way. Empty paragraph’s of meaningless terms…remind me of second-hand all used-out chewing gum…and that’s not all yet, “pseudosciences” are gaining ground, obviously, when there’s nothing in…better fill your mind… ’twas empty anyway.