idiot’s “exclusive” interview (heh heh!)

by SF

Creative Writers Interview Questions

1. If you could be an animal for a day, which one and why?
-an Owl. I’m a night stalker

2. What is the one thing someone says in a critique or comment in a reply that bugs you?
-thanks for sharing

3. Do you have a certain time when you feel most creative? least?
-I said I’m an owl

4. What motivates you?
-the human breath, a whisper.

5. The one thing readers miss in my writing is :
-my writing.

6. How does your spouse/significant other feel about you writing? A hobby, distraction or passion for you? Other? Does he/she think you’ll ever “make it� as a writer?
-I already earn my living through art, not by writing though. They think it’s only a hobby, an eccentricity…maybe they’re right.

7. Do you usually feel satisfied with a finished piece?
-Haven’t thought about it. I usually look for the next whisper that comes along.

8. What are the most difficult things to describe?
-when i succeed describing my self, then I’ll tackle other obstacles

9. Words I hate, or won’t use.
-commercial brands and abbreviations like “LOL”

10. Words I use too much.
-Commas should be abolished.

11. If I were independently wealthy and could purchase any car I wanted, what would it be and why? Or, do you abstain driving because of environmental reasons?
-I’ve had a few good cars. Now I prefer cycling.

12. I think I’ll a) live forever; b) die at a ripe old age; c) my days on earth are few d) other?
-Another human illusion. You know, humans only live a few days, people don’t realise that.

13. (from JustAWriter): I want to know what motivates people, and in particular what motivates them to use a community such as this.
-Vanity, pretention, loneliness, applause and serious lack of communication.

14. I will be most likely to write when I’m a) happy; b) angry; c) depressed; d) all of the above e) none of the above.
-when i hear a whisper.

15. My favorite poetry subject to read or write is :
-the infinite descend into our inner world.

16. My favorite prose subject to read or write is:

17. Will you write a bestseller?
-Repetez la question, s’il vous plait…

18. The Creative Writers reader who replies to my work and often understands it is :
-a healthy psychopath

19. I’m surprised when someone reads my works and says :
-oh! now I get it ( sure )

20. I’m embarrassed when someone finds out that I :
-am not an idiot

21. I love(d) my mom and dad.
-“How to love your parents, for idiots”…Buy it Now!!

22. (from Elemental Warrior):Do people (friends, family, acquaintances, etc.) admire you for being a writer?…
-Au contraire, I admire them, they sleep in a sea of tranquilty.

23. (from Elemental Warrior):Are you a better writer than you were a year ago?
I hear more whispers now.

24. Book (s) or internet writing I’ve read recently that have had the most impact on my writing style :
-a toast lobster recipe

25. Anyone who wants to write should read :
-Homer, Marcel Proust and Thomas Mann.

26. Best time of day for me to write.
-I’m an owl.

27. Worst time of day for me to write.
-I’m an owl, you keep forgetting.

28. Favorite comment (s) people make about my writing.
-Yes, now…

29. (From JustAWriter): I’d like to know if, how and where people market work, particularly short stories/extracts that are not suitable for mainstream magazines.
-Repetez la question s’il vous plait

30. Worst comment (s) people make about my writing.
-Hi idiot, LOL!

31. I have writing goals. If yes, are they: a) in your head; b) written on a paper somewhere; c) neatly written in a journal; d) typed out on paper and posted in front of your work station so you see them every day; d) other (please explain).
-a piece of paper to note a few whispers.

32. Besides lack of time, the thing that keeps me from writing is :
-sex, either for pleasure or obligation.

33. If I could spend a few hours with another msn group writer, it would be :

34. I would be in a favor of a gathering/conference of Creative Writer’s members. If yes, where should it be held?
-Twin Towers, last floor.

35. I wish people knew this about me :
-heh heh!!

36. One writing mistake I use to make :
-still make it

37. Best writing advice:
-Only empty tin cans make noise, so fill’em up. If you’re in haste to write and feel stress and angst, there is only one answer I vividly recommend : The launch of an ecological, loud fart is a sound solution! but care to launch it on a regular basis.

38. I have cats, dogs, other?
-I travel too much, animals need caring. With them, I must be responsible. No cats and dogs, though I grew up with both.

39 The prose subject that bores me the most :
-Sci-fi ( except Jules Vernes )

40. Something I’d like to see written about more :
-an essay about how ignorant and idiots we all are, but honesty is a rare commodity.

41. (From Elemental Warrior):Besides money, what would you most like to get or be rewarded with, for your writing?
-The respect of my fellow artist, mainly for my painting. Later for my writing.

42. (From Elemental Warrior):Which do you like better, the action of writing the story, or the sense of completion once the story is done?
-The action of the creative process is more stimulating.

43. I think I’ve become the best writer I can be, now others need to discover me (y/n).
-who needs an idiot

44. The subject that will make me cry.
-no idea, maybe a farewell to…I ‘m not sure.

45. The subject I avoid reading.

46. If I see a woman with children stranded in a broken down car by the side of the road, I’ll most likely: a). stop and help her; b) call for help from my cell; c) feel badly for her, but drive on and do nothing; d) not give them a second thought; e) think, tough luck lady, glad it’s you and not me; f) none of these.
a) + b).
-i’m an idiot remember…

47. If I wanted to go to college and had the ways and means, I’d study :

48. If I couldn’t write, I’d like to be a professional a) singer; b) musician; c) rock star; d) dancer; e) politician; f) artist g) other.
-I am an artist who writes from time-to-time.

49. Favorite beverage while writing.
-a double espresso

50. Favorite snack while writing.
-the above + water

51. (From Barefoot/Julie): I’d like to know [your] favorite author, book, poet, poem, song, songwriter, movie and director.
-author: Marcel Proust. book: Odyssey. poet: Cavafy. poem: J. Keats “Lamia”. movie: Eisenstein’s “Potemkin” director: Orson Welles.

52: (From Elemental Warrior): What did you learn about writing recently?
-only about 3% is worth reading

53: (From DaveF): What is your favorite music?
-I have preferences that range from ancient to contemporary, no favorites. All should transmit this very known to me, a soothing whisper.