between first and second snooze

by SF

I’d like for you to paint
on canvas
my thought
the one I had this morning
just after the alarm
spoiled my dream

it was just between
the first and second snooze
you know
those ten short minutes
and it was mostly green
with red
which blotted itself
into shades of pink
vulva pink
with slithers of lilac

im sure it was a thought
not just
the inside of my eyelids
which are mostly grey
with that annoying little
floater bloater
the sky was bright
for five am
but then
its almost may

dont rush this piece
take time
climb inside my head
and let the thought
caress the bristles
of your brush
stroke the circles
but those jagged little
edges – slam them hard
brittle shards
of bluey, purpley black

this thought is elusive
please convey this
in your work
perhaps some oils
will nestle in the valleys
between your fingers
underneath your nails
scratch them against the canvas
like the jagged edges
where the dream was broken
and the thought began
these will be green
like last years foliage

love this thought
read these words
as you stroke the thought
into life
and dont –
dont forget the vein
of victorious purple
riding the curve
in the pulse
where the thought

sk 04

Posted by Dipps

©Susan Kennedy