from michele

by SF

Received from michele concerning the previous post “tsunami-tristesse”:

Worth what? And to whom? We blog because we have to spit the words somewhere – sometimes we are just too full or sometimes the words are just too bitter. But in either case, we are unbalanced, out of perspective until the words are spattered like minute spiders on this field of white – and seeing that it is done we find our place again.

Is it going to “save nations or people”? We have no way of knowing for sure, but probably not. Will it save yourself, the writer, – to live and breathe and write and believe in a better world – one more day? Well, that’s what it does for me. And if you find it does that for you, then continue. Not for us, your readers. For yourself, the writer.I, too, feel as if I must do something.

But every tragedy evokes this feeling. It is the magnitude of this one – the shear horror of the insensitivity and power of nature – that makes the pain of this one so much more intense. Sometimes we do appear to be useless. But remember the effect of the single butterfly … we cannot know all that we do. We cannot believe it is more than it is, but we cannot discount that it is something to someone. Hang in there, stratos. (Would’ve sent this via email, but I can’t find your address anywhere.)