Pretend Genius success story II

by SF

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Last Nights Dream Corrected

from the back cover:

oh bathsheba two words of house

her dusty feet sprinkle golden surgical openings.
greta garbo is not my sister.

a door opens and i enter like someone who–he

sits on a chair, reading a book, unaware of my theme music, turning crispy pages back and forth, compromising passages.

greta plays with her toy boats. she uses the rug as the ocean. her sunlight pasted above a map of the medulla oblongata.

“i have to take off my dress or the rain will stop”, she says. “yes, that is true”, i say.

i follow her onto the grass, where i paint the lingo.

it is me.

“last night’s dream corrected” by Sean Brijbasi

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cover©stratos fountoulis