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It’s already July 11th, around 4 a.m. We are on The Aptera, bound for Crete. The sky and sea mirror each other in total darkness. Even the North Star has disappeared. I am on the top deck. Almost no one is still here among the rows of bright orange plastic chairs held fast to the deck in rows of twelve. I cannot sleep because my lap is Lakshmi’s pillow. I have been reading VALIS by Philip K. Dick. “The Empire Never Ended,” he writes as Horselover Fat. He has me going in circles with his theological arguments, his corollaries – “1. Those who agree with you are insane. 2. Those who do not agree with you are in power. ”Then 1. Some of those in power are insane. 2. And they are right.”

“Ferry to Xania”: by Ira Cohen
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