as Nabokov was saying…

by SF

nabokov.jpgVladimir Nabokov
(April 22, 1899, Saint Petersburg – July 2, 1977, Montreux)

Now, why am I posting about Nabokov out of the blue. Well, first of all it’s summer and I’m about to select some old-read books + buy some new ones for the holidays in some lovely Greek Island. While am at all this Nabokov came to mind as I stumled upon an old edition of a “Norton Reader” volume, looked under “literature and the Arts” and my eye caught this excerpt from a Nabokov’s lecture on literature(1980) where among other he declares that:

Curiously enough, one cannot read a book: one can only reread it. A good reader, a major reader, an active and creative reader is a rereader…” .

I’m not going to go any further writing on this, as Nabokov dialectically develops his reasoning, this will take too much of my time and besides, this post is intended to stay short. I hope I made my point. It’s the heat of July…



a Wikipedia photo of Nabokov