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Left: Rachel Mason, Mobutu Sese Seko from The Songs of the Ambassadors, 2004–. Performance view, NADA Art Fair, Miami, 2007. Photo: Matthew Spiegelman. Right: The Songs of the Ambassadors (detail), 2004–, mixed media, dimensions variable. Installation view.

“…How many wars happened in my lifetime?
Then I began to really think a lot about President Bush. What must be going through his mind? What was his world like? How was he deciding what he was deciding? What could I do about anything? And later, I started to fantasize that I could play with all of these world leaders like dolls. If they were small enough for me to hold in my hands, maybe I could have a better sense of who they were and what had happened during my lifetime. I love collectible sets, like the plates of all the presidents. If I had a special edition set, I would have porcelain busts of the leaders of countries at war and I would play the part of an ambassador to each conflict. I would wear their costumes so that I could sit with them and be an ambassador.”

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